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At this point all dates are tentative, but will be finalized during the registration period.  This is a close representation of the schedule for the 2019 season.

Equipment will be distributed on Sunday August 18, 2019.

Practice starts Monday August 19, 2019. All practices will be held at Lum Field unless otherwise noted.  

Week 1:
Equipment:Sunday, 8/18  , 4-8pm Lum Field Equipment Building
8/19 (Mon):6-8pm
8/20 (Tues):6-8pm
8/21 (Wed):6-8pm
8/22 (Thurs): 6-8pm
Week 2:
8/26 (Mon):6-8pm
8/27 (Tues):6-8pm
8/28 (Wed)6-8pm
8/29 (Thurs):6-8pm
Week 3:

Labor Day Scrimmage and Post Scrimmage BBQ: Monday, 9/2, 9am-1pm (Very Tentative)
9/3 (Tues): 6-8pm
9/4 (Wed):6-8pm
9/5 (Thurs):6-8pm
9/6 (Fri):6-8pm
9/7 (Sat):9-11am 

Week 4: 
9/10 (Tues): 6-8pm
9/11 (Wed):6-8pm
9/12 (Thurs):6-8pm
9/13 (Fri):6-8pm
9/14 (Sat):9-11am

First Game: 9/15

During the regular season (after the first game) practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm and Saturday morning from 9-11am.  There may be intermittent changes by team based on Back to School Nights etc.  Individual teams will communicate those changes as they arise.