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Equipment will be distributed on Sunday August 12, 2018.

Practice starts Monday August 13, 2018. All practices will be held at Lum Field unless otherwise noted.  

Week 1:
Equipment:Sunday, 8/12  , 4-8pm Lum Field Equipment Building
8/13 (Mon):6-8pm
8/14 (Tues):6-8pm
8/15 (Wed):6-8pm
8/16 (Thurs): 6-8pm
Week 2:
8/20 (Mon):6-8pm
8/21 (Tues):6-8pm
8/22 (Wed)6-8pm
8/23 (Thurs):6-8pm
Week 3:

8/27 (Mon): 6-8pm 
8/28 (Tues):6-8pm
8/29 (Wed):6-8pm
8/30 (Thurs):6-8pm
8/31 (Fri):6-8pm

League Scrimmage: (Locations and Exact Times TBD)

Each grade will participate in the grade specific league wide scrimmage by grade throughout the week in the evenings. The breakdown is as follows:

8/27 (Mon): 5th Grade
8/28 (Tues):6th Grade
8/29 (Wed):7th Grade
8/30 (Thurs):8th Grade
Week 4:

Labor Day Scrimmage and Post Scrimmage BBQ: Monday, 9/3, 9am-1pm 
9/4 (Tues): 6-8pm
9/5 (Wed):6-8pm
9/6 (Thurs):6-8pm
9/7 (Fri):6-8pm
9/8 (Sat):9-11am 
First Game: 9/9

During the regular season (after the first game) practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm and Saturday morning from 9-11am.  There may be intermittent changes by team based on Back to School Nights etc.  Individual teams will communicate those changes as they arise.