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           USA Football's Tackle Progression Model, developed with contributions from USA Football’s Tackle Advisory Committee provides a step-by step approach for coaches to properly teach one of football’s most important skills. The model offers drills to teach each step, beginning in a non-contact environment and progressing to player-to-player contact. The instruction is designed to improve tackling skills, increase safety and limit helmet-to-helmet contact, lessening the chance for injury, including concussion. ​ Please click on the links below to view how this technique should be taught at all levels of Football.

http://youtu.be/8E_Z6bUic-0   Breakdown Position

2.       http://youtu.be/tYDwB520OSk  Hitting Position

3.       http://youtu.be/itdYztcZ2ho Shoot Roll Hips (Shamu)

4.       http://youtu.be/t8AnjDH43lI Rip

5.       http://youtu.be/HJBmRGCjO0A Sprint Buzz Breakdown

6.       http://youtu.be/Um8poqTLRmo Sprint Buzz Breakdown Tackle